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The True King…

2-Pac Shakur was a lyricist beyond his time. Biggie Smalls had the type of understanding of music that allowed him to capture everyone. NAS spoke consciousness, never forgets where he comes from. Busta Rhymes is the most overlooked artist ( in my opinion). Jay-Z, what can’t be said about this mogul?  From hustler to millionaire according to Forbes, he is just 10 million dollars behind Sean “Puffy” Combs. So I decided to let you decide my peeps, who is the true king? In a discussion I once overheard someone state, that the only reason Jay-Z is a factor is because Biggie was gone.

Well let’s talk about 2-Pac. This young man had one of the most uncommon but common upbringings. Still he is looked at as the ’90’s revolutionists. His lyrics not only defined him but generation. Nas was one of the artist I personally only listened to when he was on the radio. That doesn’t mean that I missed the message, just didn’t feel like going to the mailbox at the time. Needless to say, he still made the list. Between his collaboration with Ms. Lauryn Hill and his messages to our young kings and queens, I know he is list worthy.

Then we have Busta Rhymes, this individual has been in the game since the late ’80’s. From Leaders of the New School to Flip Mode Squad Busta has been the leader of changing the game. Busta Rhymes is always the fore runner of fashion, and when it comes to spitting them bars, there are few who can contend. So that’s my input on this little test, now it’s your turn let’s see who the people truly crown King of Hip Hop

It’s up to you now, let the people decide.  whoever gets the most votes will be crowned ” The True King of Lyrics” . I am really anxious to see how this will play out, come on people unlike last election, your voice really does count. Let me know who will be the King.


Between the Lines

Friday began like any other day, enjoying the day off with the Mrs.. We get through breakfast ( really brunch considering it was 1:15 pm) with no dilemma, which is pretty hard now a days. As we lounge on the couch watching T.V., she goes into the bedroom and returns rather quickly. Concerned, I ask if everything is fine. She responds yes with a confused look on her face. “Well honey what is it?” I asked. “Did you move my clothes?” she asked . Now I’m completely confused because we have been sitting in the same place for at least two hours. “What clothes??!!” I responded, and the response i got floored me.communication

This woman whom I have vowed to give the rest of my life too, looks at me and says ” I tried to throw my clothes in the hamper, but missed. They look closer to the hamper than before.” Well, let me tell you, I laughed so hard in her face. I’ll tell you why, if you think I’m so lazy that I won’t pick the clothes up and put them in the hamper, but will push them closer to it, you think I’m pretty lazy. I will admit, I do have my moments and I think it caught me off guard that she tried to call me out on it. However, being the wonderfully sarcastic individual that I am; I collected myself and responded, “really, i didn’t even notice the clothes on the floor with so many on the bed.”( Referring to the pile of clothes I had just washed the day before and she promised to fold). If looks could reach out and touch us, I would have been slapped with her eyeball.

The beauty of it all though, is because we have relationship goals and communication. Communication  is the key to any relationship, be it business or personal we have to communicate with one another. Otherwise, what was meant as a joke could be taken in a harmful way. Get to know, truly know, the people in your circle. Don’t waste time trying to read between the lines.