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NFL rules schedule cle browns · sports, comedy, music

It’s Finally Time

That’s right folks!! Football Season is just around the corner. One of the most satisfying parts of the 4th of July, is knowing that when you flip your calendar to the next page… there are actual NFL games scheduled for at least the next 21 weeks ( if you count the preseason) This is a beautiful thing.

What is it about this sport? 

What is it about this sport? Is it the anticipation of wondering how the team will approach the next down? Will the  refs actually call the game as everyone else saw it? What rules are gonna make it more soft?

With quarterbacks not being held responsible for the actions of their team. Knowing the coaches playbooks so well, we can almost call better plays from our couch. As far as the refs go, i guess having a centralized replay division can be helpful. Only if, of course they have the authority to call down to the field if something was missed. The rule changes are a little playground like. I mean, the first three rules listed are the reason most of us watch the sport. Leaping: first they called it if you landed on or touched someone else. Fine. Now, you want to call unsportsmanlike  conduct, REALLY!!!? Do you have any idea, how hard these men have trained?

All I have to wonder is, what will NFL stand for this season? National Football League or the No Fun League as once stated. Either way I along with many will be ready and eager for the first snap of preseason. Cheering on our favorites and keeping a watchful eye on the standings. Focusing more on the upcoming Playoffs than Thanksgiving dinner, because that is what football does to true fans.  We are there like the Dawg Pound in Cleveland last season ( 1-15).  On Christmas Day with not a win on their side they showed up and supported the home team, and was rewarded with a win. That’s the beauty of this sport,like any other it brings people together for a common cause. Let’s Go Team!!! Preseason kicks off Thursday August 10,2017 and the official begins Thursday Septmber 7,2017 @ 8:30 pm.