Joe budden, the young turks, Hasan Piker Lil Yachty

The New Archie Bunker

Joe Budden has done it again and tried to ruin to the integrity of the 90’s generation. At least according to Hassan Piker from The Young Turks. After watching the interview Hassan actually has a very good point when it comes to Joe, which is why I call out to our studios: directors, writers, screen-writer, someone. Please let’s get this going because in listening to his interview with young rap artist Lil Yachty, he accentuated a large amount of bigotry as he questioned the cover art of his album. archie 1

Wasn’t that Archie Bunker at his best? Isn’t that why we loved “All In The Family”? NOOOOO!!!,  Joe that is not how it works, we are supposed to learn from the mistakes of our forefathers. Try to better not only our technologies, but our communities as well. Coming from the generation of Budden, I am very disappointed in the direction in which he has chosen to take the oppotunities he and others worked so hard for. Those who know what it was like to enjoy life before the internet, but also was apart of the making of it, should be wholly accepting to whatever ideas and opinions come your way. This is the only way to truly help develop the next generation. We must listen and redirect when needed. I guess until then we will continue to have people like Budden, Bunker, and Trump to continue to help spread the #1 disease in our country: Ignonorance. So Mr. Joe Budden from the real 90’s generation…archie2



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