Steve Harvey, Flint,MI, Young Thug, Tupac Shakur, Cleveland Cavaliers

What the…

Really Steve?

So I’m pretty sure by now we have all heard Steve Harvey’s rude remark while in his feelings regarding the Cavaliers second, very tragic loss to Golden Sate. Now I will say when I first heard about this it was second hand, so it was, to say the least, very concerning; lets’s be honest, Steve Harvey doesn’t have the best reputation in the industry. Why are we focusing on what is being said instead of what isn’t being done.

This is really no different than any joke Redd, Richard, Dave ,or Eddie have told. The issue is this Nation has become so very sensitive. Steve Harvey stated he is not talking about the city of Flint, MI he was referring only to “D” ( the caller). Either way he’s not going to be fired from anything, because he has been set up to be Trump’s puppet. Think about that.

Boy in a dress is a thug???


Rapper Young Thug has recently released his album Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girl. Most young people would say great, but today even the millennials I spoke with were in disbelief at the Blasphemy that came from Young Thug’s very own tweet.

After a little quick research this is what I found: Tupac Shakur has/had many platinum albums, “Dear Mama” peaked at #1 on the charts for 5 weeks. While Young Thug, well he has yet to peak past #43. The youth needs to remember someone else opened the door that made it so easy for you to be able to enjoy the luxuries ( not looking as well as we thought it would 20 years ago) that they have today.

 Has Dan Gilbert gone MAD??

That’s right after three times at the Final dance and only coming home with one ring, General Manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers David Griffin has resigned due to “difference of opinion”.   There is a lot of speculation about what caused this seemingly surprising announcement. One of the main questions I’m hearing is did they confer with LeBron James before making this decision. First of all LeBron is a player just like Kevin Love, J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving. Second Kyrie Irving, the man who can finish a lay up in a hurricane with style, is the one who may be on the trading block. We will keep watch and hope that Dan Gilbert isn’t making another classic #Believeland decision.




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