disney Parents go through trying to figure out the perfect vacation for their families every year without breaking the bank. Always having to take into consideration the differences that each child has. You know the average family consists of two parents and two children..at least. The older child is anywhere from two to three years older than the sibling, which means everything that they do is annoying. If your lucky you will have one child of each gender, where you can at least split the difference, for the lack of a better phrase. broke Because we all know it takes six months of car notes to truly enjoy a visit to Mr. Mickey.

My suggestion, is simple, let’s go back to game nights. Remember, when either on Wednesday or Thursday evenings families would turn off the television for about 2 hours, not long at all. They would actually spend time together playing board games, making arts and crafts, just enjoying being together. Now-a-days everyone is so busy doing nothing, but running everywhere. We must stop letting the hustle of life consume our energy. Let’s always live life the way it was meant “Hakuna Matata“.

What do I suggest in this day and age? When we can’t pull mom and dad away from candy crush, let alone the children from social media. Well how about trying Ellen’s Head’s up, it is great fun for the entire family. If nothing else, please always remember hakuna matata.



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